CTools access plugin : Entity reference has value

CTools and Panels is a powerful toolbox for Drupal developers. One of the great features is defining visibility rules for content inserted with panels based on CTools access plugins. My experience is that using the builtin field value check against an empty value does not work. We made a visibility rule to display / not display content when a configurable entity reference field has been filled or not. The visibility settings form Our rule is called “Node: Entity reference defined” and the settings form will show a dropdown list with all entity reference field for nodes.

Gallery in Hugo with PhotoSwipe and shortcodes

In this article I will show how to implement a gallery based on PhotoSwipe (http://photoswipe.com) a really cool vanilla javascript image gallery with responsive behaviour, touch gestures, animations, zoom, sharing links and browser history. The browser history support makes it possible to link to a specific image, usefull when sharing. It’s possible to implement responsive image loading with PhotoSwipe, but I haven’t done this yet. This is me in Rome Rasmus Helmer Hansen This is Andrea in Rome Tom Helmer Hansen Rain reservoir in the hall.

Now built by Hugo

This site is built with Hugo, a static website generator written in Go. Hugo’s is extremely fast and takes the fun back into site-building. Writing text in markdown with sublime text and deploying with git is how I as a developer like to make content. Hugo is written for speed and performance. Great care has been taken to ensure that Hugo build time is as short as possible. We’re talking milliseconds to build your entire site for most setups.